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  • 5 minute read
  • Jul 30, 2021 2:24:36 PM

4 problems with an overabundance of ad tech

Fulfilling your entire ad sales cycle means you’ll need to integrate with other systems. And as digital advertising has boomed, so has the amount of ad tech available.

  • 3 minute read
  • May 19, 2021 10:30:07 AM

Why a central hub is the secret to ad booking success

A poorly integrated patchwork of systems is a common problem for Media businesses.

  • 0 minute read
  • Apr 29, 2021 10:16:26 AM

[Infographic] Spreadsheets vs CPQ – what's best for your business?

Managing complex quotes is a challenge at the best of times.

  • 6 minute read
  • Apr 21, 2021 10:45:00 AM

The 5 challenges CSPs should tackle today to thrive in B2B

CSPs have a lot to live up to. 

Easy to use, digital and hyper-personalized B2B experiences are now baseline expectations.

  • 5 minute read
  • Apr 13, 2021 10:30:00 AM

8 must-haves for any future-proof CPQ solution

There’s no pressing pause on technology’s progress. 

So your sales process should only be going in one direction: faster, more personalized and more digitized. (Ok, make that three directions.) 

  • 5 minute read
  • Mar 24, 2021 10:04:00 AM

5 strategies for a thriving Ad Sales function

Waves of digitalization continue to wash over the Media industry.

  • 7 minute read
  • Dec 15, 2020 11:45:00 AM

31 CPQ stats you should know

You might already know how important Configure Price Quote (CPQ) can be to the success of your sales. 

  • 6 minute read
  • Dec 7, 2020 11:30:00 AM

Build vs Buy software – what’s best for your business?

The build vs buy software dilemma.

It’s a decision you can spend days deliberating as you weigh up the pros and cons.

  • 7 minute read
  • Nov 16, 2020 12:15:00 PM

7 tips for a successful CPQ implementation

You’ve given the green light on your Configure Price Quote (CPQ) project – or you’re not far from it.

Congratulations! You’ll soon be sealing deals and reaping the rewards CPQ can offer your business.

  • 8 minute read
  • Oct 29, 2020 4:00:00 PM

3 CPQ benefits for your business

Deal or no deal?

It doesn’t have to come down to chance.

  • 4 minute read
  • Oct 15, 2020 1:30:00 PM

11 signs you need CPQ

Manual tasks and tracking orders consume your days. 

  • 3 minute read
  • Oct 10, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Why Gartner named CloudSense, the communications specialists, a CPQ Visionary

If we branded ourselves Visionaries, you might worry we’d been sipping a little too heavily on the CloudSense Kool-Aid. 

  • 3 minute read
  • Sep 30, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Why CPQ continues to grow

Configure price quote, or CPQ, is big business.

  • 6 minute read
  • Sep 15, 2020 12:45:00 PM

What is CPQ and how can it help your business?

Time management is essential – especially for your sales team. 

  • 7 minute read
  • Aug 28, 2020 11:45:00 AM

Leveraging breakthroughs in technology – Automation

Automation can save your business time, labor and money – not to mention making you easier to do business with. 

  • 8 minute read
  • Aug 18, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Why delivery matters regardless of what you sell

When someone says delivery, you probably picture a mailman at your door with a parcel. 

  • 7 minute read
  • Jul 30, 2020 1:00:00 PM

Why speed and scale are key to Digital Commerce success

Digital Commerce will play a big part in your business’ future.  

  • 6 minute read
  • Jul 15, 2020 1:30:00 PM

How to win over your customers with flexible subscriptions

Nowadays we don’t buy, we subscribe.

From cars and clothes, to co-working spaces. 

  • 7 minute read
  • Jun 29, 2020 10:30:00 AM

How to leverage breakthroughs in technology: AI

On our exploration of each principle of The Convenience Revolution, today we’re looking at leveraging breakthroughs in technology.

  • 9 minute read
  • Jun 11, 2020 9:36:45 AM

New digital habits reveal it’s time to go digital now

You’ve been championing digital transformation in your business for years.

And we’ve been right there with you.

  • 8 minute read
  • Jun 9, 2020 12:30:00 PM

How digital self-service benefits your entire business

In the past, online self-service was seen as inconvenient. It was faster and easier to rely on a person, rather than often slow and erratic technology. 

  • 7 minute read
  • Jun 9, 2020 9:30:56 AM

How digital self-service benefits your entire business

In the past, online self-service was seen as inconvenient. It was faster and easier to rely on a person, rather than often slow and erratic technology. 

Today, digital advancements mean we can’t imagine a world without it.

  • 10 minute read
  • May 21, 2020 9:47:30 AM

8 ways to reduce friction from your Digital Commerce store

Ever clicked on a company’s website only to be sent to a blank loading page?

Or been faced with a lengthy online checkout?

If so, you’ve experienced customer friction.

  • 7 minute read
  • May 7, 2020 11:00:19 AM

37 Digital Commerce statistics worth knowing in 2020

Customers have been forced online faster than anyone could have anticipated. 

This accelerated digital demand has made Digital Commerce even more vital to your business’ success – now and in the future.

  • 7 minute read
  • Apr 29, 2020 11:14:31 AM

The 5 staples of convenient digital self-service

From forging love-hate relationships with grocery store kiosks, to scrolling FAQs and managing our subscriptions online – self-service has become a shopping staple.

  • 3 minute read
  • Apr 5, 2020 6:56:58 PM

Why digital demand means access matters more than ever

With over a quarter of the world staying at home, Media, Communications and Utilities businesses have seen a big jump in online traffic

Your services are playing a huge part in getting people through tough times. 


  • 3 minute read
  • Mar 24, 2020 6:09:54 PM

What Google Trends tell us about Digital Commerce & COVID-19

This is a bit different to our usual blogs – but we’re sure you’ll agree that we’re living in unusual times. 

  • 4 minute read
  • Mar 4, 2020 9:15:00 AM

8 signs your Media business needs an Order Management System

If you’re not using an Order Management system, you’re in the right place to find out more. 

  • 7 minute read
  • Feb 11, 2020 11:30:00 AM

3 brands killing it with Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce is revolutionizing the way we shop.