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9 signs you need CPQ

29 June 2022

Organizations and their sales personnel are often held back by legacy architecture with disconnected data and systems that force them to undertake tedious, repetitive, mundane manual tasks that consume their day and hinder their productivity. As a result, customers are no longer satisfied with the speed at which they receive quotes, having a negative push on profitability. 

11 stats you need to know about CPQ

28 June 2022

Today’s business climate is more agile than ever before, with digital transformation forcing companies to rethink what they sell, and how they sell it. Consumers are demanding more, B2B sales across industries are becoming more complex, and companies are feeling the pressure to deliver. Cue Configure, Price, Quote: a suite of applications that help transform the complex process of configuring products and services into a simple and straightforward one. 

What is CPQ - and how can it help your business?

23 June 2022

Time management is essential – especially for your sales team. 

CPQ should lie at the heart of your digital transformation strategy

18 May 2022

In our rapidly evolving world, businesses are gearing up for digital transformation to evolve in response. They have to: the complex nature of the digital-first landscape makes achieving success more competitive than ever.

The 5 main pitfalls and challenges of digital transformation

4 May 2022

Digital transformations pose a bit of a dilemma to businesses: on the one hand they are vital to ensure that a business stays competitive during times of rapid change; on the either hand, they also carry a risk of failure that makes hesitancy understandable.

8 reasons CloudSense is Salesforce native

8 April 2022

Since CloudSense started, we’ve been proud to be 100% Salesforce-native. From day one, we’ve focused on adding functionality to Salesforce to help organizations in a growing range of industries to take Salesforce further.

CloudSense earns 2022 CPQ Gold Medal rating from Info-Tech Research Group

14 March 2022

Global analyst firm, Info-Tech Research Group recently performed an extensive analysis of the CPQ market, collecting end-user feedback on providers to determine their performance along a variety of metrics, including Net Emotional Footprint, Vendor Capabilities, Product Features, and Likeliness to Recommend. 

How automated messaging can help your business

24 January 2022

In the digital-first world that we live in, customers expect businesses to go the extra mile to accommodate their wants and needs. One important way of doing that is keeping them informed with automated messages not only through email, but directly to their phone via SMS and WhatsApp. 

[Infographic] Spreadsheets vs CPQ – what's best for your business?

29 April 2021

Managing complex quotes is a challenge at the best of times.

8 must-haves for any future-proof CPQ solution

13 April 2021

There’s no pressing pause on technology’s progress.  So your sales process should only be going in one direction: faster, more personalized and more digitized. (Ok, make that three directions.) 

Build vs Buy software – what’s best for your business?

7 December 2020

The build vs buy software dilemma. It’s a decision you can spend days deliberating as you weigh up the pros and cons.

7 tips for a successful CPQ implementation

16 November 2020

You’ve given the green light on your Configure Price Quote (CPQ) project – or you’re not far from it. Congratulations! You’ll soon be sealing deals and reaping the rewards CPQ can offer your business.

3 CPQ benefits for your business

29 October 2020

Deal or no deal? It doesn’t have to come down to chance.

Why CPQ continues to grow

30 September 2020

Configure price quote, or CPQ, is big business.

Why delivery matters regardless of what you sell

18 August 2020

When someone says delivery, you probably picture a mailman at your door with a parcel. 

How to win over your customers with flexible subscriptions

15 July 2020

Nowadays we don’t buy, we subscribe. From cars and clothes, to co-working spaces. 

How digital self-service benefits your entire business

9 June 2020

In the past, online self-service was seen as inconvenient. It was faster and easier to rely on a person, rather than often slow and erratic technology. 

8 ways to reduce friction from your Digital Commerce store

21 May 2020

Ever clicked on a company’s website only to be sent to a blank loading page? Or been faced with a lengthy online checkout? If so, you’ve experienced customer friction.

37 Digital Commerce statistics worth knowing in 2020

7 May 2020

Customers have been forced online faster than anyone could have anticipated.  This accelerated digital demand has made Digital Commerce even more vital to your business’ success – now and in the future.

5 common challenges slowing growth for Data Center Owners

18 June 2018

This year, the colocation and data storage landscape continues to grow significantly, largely due to the rise of a new breed of tech and media companies looking to store their present and future data.