Modern problems require modern solutions, and nowhere is this more true than in the telecommunications industry, where the waves of new technologies, innovations and trends exert pressure on businesses to stay creative.

One way to encourage creative problem solving is to bring great minds together to hash out ideas as a group, and this is exactly what TM Forum have been doing since 1997 when they launched the TM Forum Catalyst Program at the first Management World event.

A major pillar of TM Forum’s philosophy is collaboration, bringing member companies together to co-create proof of concept demonstrations or innovative solutions to industry problems.

This brings major benefits to TM Forum members’ R&D efforts, by:

  1. Supplementing resources
  2. Accelerating activities and productivity 
  3. Stimulating creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

By allowing participants to think in new ways and push boundaries, Catalyst Projects help to make a difference in the telecommunications industry.

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The Catalyst projects at 2022’s Digital Transformation World in Copenhagen aim to be the best yet, with scheduled project themes including:

  • Beyond connectivity
  • Cloud native IT & networks
  • AI, data & insights
  • Autonomous operations
  • Customer experience & trust
  • The human factor

CloudSense is not only proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event, but also delighted to be a collaborator in a fascinating Catalyst session and the digital business marketplace. Please see the details below:


Name: Digital Business Marketplace - Phase V

Date/time: Wednesday 21 September, 11.50am

Location: The Innovation Labs arena 

Description: Fragmented development and manual deployment of technology projects is hampering the ability of vertical industries to deliver easy to buy, high impact secure Smart x solutions, or meet today’s green objectives. It is increasingly essential therefore to enable the many specialist providers to be able to package up their products and services and to be able to contribute their ‘parts’ into ‘smart’ bundled solutions and these solutions need to be easily manageable from a lifecycle perspective, ensure lifetime security, and easily tailored to varying needs, while also meeting green objectives.

This Catalyst will draw on existing TM Forum standards to evolve a new ODA DSE (Digital Service Enabling) approach to consortium partnering to facilitate adoption of cyber-secure, repeatable multi-partner sourced solutions to improve customer outcomes, business efficiency and reduce the need for specific human interventions or energy use.

Catalyst session 2022


There will be Catalyst sessions throughout the event, culminating with the Digital Transformation World 2022 Catalyst Awards on Thursday 22 September at 1.30pm. Awards will include:

  • Outstanding Catalyst – Business Impact
  • Outstanding Catalyst - Impact on Society and Sustainability
  • Outstanding Catalyst – Innovation
  • Outstanding Use of TM Forum Assets
  • Future Techco
  • Catalyst People’s Choice

This year promises to be an outstanding event, and we look forward to seeing you there.

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