Digital Transformation World (formerly TM Forum) is an annual event showcasing the best in digital collaboration and innovation in the Communications industry.

CloudSense was busy at this year’s event, offering up plenty of opportunities to see cloud-based BSS in action. Along with showcasing our new joint proactive customer experience solution with Incognito and being shortlisted for a TMF Excellence Award, we were also part of another Catalyst project this year.

Catalysts are member-driven proof-of-concept projects that connect communications service providers (CSPs) and technology suppliers to develop innovative, commercially viable prototypes of new digital services and business models based on a real-life business issue. This year, BT, CloudSense, Bulb Technologies and Cognizant ran a Catalyst on Accelerating the shift from Communications Service Providers to Digital Service Providers.

As the champion in this Catalyst, BT wanted to find a solution to optimize the user journey in real-time to provide a personalized customer experience on every digital touchpoint. To deliver this solution, Cognizant, Bulb Technologies and CloudSense combined to provide a data-driven journey optimization engine.

Today's CSPs need to deliver proactive customer experiences by making real-time customer journeys adaptable to their customers' needs. To make this experience a reality, the Catalyst participants enlisted a data-driven optimization engine that enables BT to explore four main areas that directly affect the outcome of a customer journey: experience, technology, analytics and the business model itself.

CloudSense showcased the Digital Business Support System, including process automation and Quote-to-Cash features across the self-serve channel, all native to Salesforce applications. This demonstrated how the accelerated launch of new digital services, human-centric behavior-led experiences, fluid omni-channel customer journeys and an improved NPS can be achieved.

The solution maps processes to TM Forum’s Business Process Framework and uses parts of the TM Forum customer centricity toolkit. The Catalyst solution enables CSPs to move customers from static to fluid omni-channel experiences, enabling seamless customer journeys at every digital touchpoint, proactively delivering enhanced customer interactions.

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