The last month at CloudSense has been a whirlwind, but in the best possible way.  

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary, sent our biggest ever team to Dreamforce and launched our world-first new product, CloudSense Digital Commerce, on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

Now we have one more exciting piece of news to share with you. Today we’re unveiling our new logo and brand identity. 


Because CloudSense has come a long way. Our product has grown and improved, and so has our team. Today we employ more than 350 people, across 12 offices spanning Europe, the U.S. and Asia Pacific. 

As well as reflecting the way we’ve grown, after listening to our people, customers and partners, we knew our brand could and should more accurately resonate with why we’re here:

What we do – Empower our customers to compete, innovate and win subscribers by making it easier to launch, sell and fulfill.

Our promise – Disruptive results, without disruptive change.

Where we want to go – Be the leading Commerce and Subscriber Management platform, making successful companies more convenient.

Here’s a sneak peek of our new brand and more of the reasons behind our updated look. 

(Re)establishing our brand values

The first step of our makeover was to speak to our customers, people and partners.

Did our values match up to the company we are today? Do they make it clear how and why we help our customers?

We took some time to digest people’s feedback and settle on the things that really make us different. The values that guide our day-to-day decisions and the way we work. 

In the end, the answers hadn’t changed. 

Our values originated from our four founders. Since the day they started CloudSense our founders put these principles into our platform, and looked for them in the people we hire. 

We found that while we’ve grown and our platform has evolved, our values remain the same.

CloudSense company values

Here they are on paper. 


Our company is built on trust. We operate with integrity and we’re honest in our business dealings. We promise products and services that truly deliver.


We don’t follow. We don’t copy our competitors’ work. We adapt the rules to create and deliver the need-based outcomes for our customers.


Our founders know what it’s like to be our customers. Our guiding principles are embedded in our DNA. We serve our customers out of our experience as enterprise software buyers and users. 


We stand up, volunteer and take ownership. Success is driven by the quality of our people, not by the quantity. We are dependable, reliable and proven. We take full responsibility for our commitments.


We drive hard with confidence. Our people find a way with persistence, belief and courage.

The next step was to make sure these values come across in our brand. Right from our logo, to our design and tone.

The new CloudSense logo

If you’ve not done it before, a word of caution – designing a logo to highlight your vision, values, and positioning is no easy task. 

It took a lot of time, tweaking and sometimes brought us close to tears, but we got there!

The new CloudSense logo is clean and straightforward, representing our trust and dependability.

CloudSense new logo and social avatar

Bold and modern, the logo uses a minimalistic, but classic sans serif typeface. The balanced logotype features strong letterforms with smooth curves that make the logo easy to identify, even at small sizes. 

The logo’s curves are brought into the cloud icon which rests above the type – always extending from the “L” and “D.” Together, the two elements create a distinct mark to welcome our customers and partners

Finding CloudSense’s colors

Our new high-contrast and complementary colors create a bold look. Our new purple hero color anchors the warm scheme, while mint acts as an accent. 

Together, they make an eye-catching duo, helping us stand out with a fresh, uplifting look that identifies us as game changers and innovators.

CloudSense color palette

The way we sound

Our voice, and how we describe CloudSense, has always evolved to keep up with how we’ve changed as a company. 

But, we still wanted the way we sound to better match who we are as a company, and how we talk to customers, partners and each other. 

Our updated ‘about us’ reflects how we’ve evolved our products, plus the value we offer.

CloudSense is the proven Commerce and Subscriber Management platform, built for high-volume or complex ongoing services. We’re trusted by Communications, Media and Utilities businesses worldwide to launch, sell and fulfill the entire customer journey on Salesforce. 

We make commercial success easier. Our customers go to market in a third of the time, sell four times faster, increase sales by 24% and deliver eight times faster, with a 79% improvement in order accuracy. 

You can check out our longer about us here.

For our voice guidelines, the words that we think best describe the way we sound are: Trustworthy, Expert, Approachable and Progressive.

Along with the new company description, these updated voice guidelines will help us get across our expertise and dependability, but more importantly, the ways we can help you.

Ready for another decade of innovation

This rebrand isn’t an attempt to change who we are. Quite the opposite. 

We want to better reflect the company we are, and what we do for you. 

As three times Gartner Visionaries, CloudSense is recognized as a disruptive, innovative company. But we’re also keenly aware of the value of the relationships and partnerships we build.

Now we’re ready for another decade of empowering you through intelligent innovation and honest partnership. We’re honored to have you along for the ride.

The CloudSense team

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